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Be Original, Be Yourself !

Some Things About Trend-Setting

Hey, it's Lark again! I'm here with some new stuff for u! Wonder why I put my fashion designs next to my article? Well, it's because today (31.7.2012.) I'll be telling you about trend-setting! I'll give you some original style mixing ideas to use in WW and make yourself more recognizable. This is what the WW Fashion team said for these designs at the time I sent them:
"This collection is very cohesive- a mix of beach bums and rockers. We really like it!!"
-The WoozWorld Fashion Team

It inspired me to mix further and discover some really crazy and unusual outfits and styles! You dont have to use the beach bum rocker idea, but you can take any two styles matching your personality and the season, for example- beach bum country music lovers! Already sounds good, right? Try it yourself and send me your feedback on Facebook:

And post them here, also :)

Your Lark <3

Welcome to the new section!

Hello! As of 30.7.2012. the WBC has a new column which will mostly be written by me, Lark! I want to help you become more popular on WW and show you how to have crowded parties with a big queue. You will also find tips to make your style more original. To start, I will help you in something that I very popular these days- fashion designing! A lot of woozens that I've seen designing have awesome ideas, but they find it hard to make a proper mannequin on which they will draw the clothing. I opened my editor and made a basic manni that you can print out, and use for tracing. This is a way easier and faster way for you to work :)

P.S.: Send me your designs on facebook, and if you have enough of good ones, I'll publish them on our WBC blog AND you may also get contacted from the woozworld team!
So, click on the pictures below, then right click and "Save Image As...". They're in original size. Have plenty of fun!

Your Lark <3

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